These tools are available for clients with limited dexterity or those who would be unable to use a standard neck or wrist pendant for a PERS in an emergency situation. They are much larger than normal pendants and can activate several PERS options including a standard PERS and cellular PERS.

Buddy Button


The Buddy Button is a durable and reliable single switch that requires only the slightest touch of its surface for activation. This product is a good choice for clients with limited dexterity and motor control.

Pneumatic Switch "Sip ‘n Puff"


The dual switch is activated with either a "sip" or "puff" of the lips. The switch is designed for quadriplegics or patients that cannot utilize any other type of pendant or adapter to activate a PERS unit.

Touch Plate


The Touch Plate is a very thin membrane switch activated with a light touch on the colored circle. To activate the device, the client simply touches the red circle. This product features a sealed surface to prevent moisture damage. This product is ideal for individuals with limited dexterity and can be mounted to a wall, wheelchair, walker, or any flat surface.

Specs® Switch


The Specs® Switch is small enough to be worn but is most often used as a mounted switch. The Specs® Switch includes a space saving flush space and a strap base for mounting around items. This product is good for clients who have little to no fine motor skills or strength.

Pillow Switch


The Pillow Switch is a smooth and soft foam surface that makes this switch suitable for head or cheek activation. The Pillow Switch easily fastens to a pillow or wheelchair cushion with a safety pin and Velcro®. This product is a good choice for clients who have limited fine motor skills or strength.


Coastal Medical Alert has been providing PERS in southern Californa since 2006 and now offers service throughout California.